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Cremation Services

    Today, a large number of funeral services involve the process of cremation, because families find that it fulfills their desire to honor and commemorate their loved one. If you’re considering this option, we want you to know that our cremation services are especially designed to enhance and preserve the memorial funeral tradition.

    We Continue to Care

    We all understand that the death of someone you love is one of life's most stressful and traumatic events. And we also understand that quite often, a family member might need some extra support in dealing with this type of loss. We have developed a complete, comprehensive program of aftercare, which assists families well after the funeral services are completed. This important program offers families access to community support groups, counselors, and other organizations that can be of great help to the recently bereaved. Please ask us about this important support system.

    Cremation Choices

    Choosing cremation offers several choices for service and memorialization. The following considerations will help you determine the type of event that would be most meaningful to you, your family and friends.

    Do you prefer to offer friends and extended family the opportunity to say goodbye and offer their love and support with a public viewing or memorial service? Do you prefer to conduct ceremonial services at a church or place of worship? If family and friends are coming from a great distance, do you prefer to arrange for a memorial service following the cremation?

    Whatever your preference, our staff will work one-on-one with you to create an appropriate tribute. To help simplify the planning and arrangement process, the offerings listed below represent some of your choices.

    Choosing a Final Resting Place

    The journey does not end here. Following the service and cremation process, there are several options for choosing a peaceful, final resting place, including:

    • Niche- Designated place in a church or mausoleum
    • Burial- Traditional placement in a cemetery
    • Scattering- Spread in a special location
    • Home- Keeping remains in your private residence

    Type of Service

    There are lots of options with the type of service to honor your loved one. Below are only a few examples:

    • Complete Service with Cremation
    • Life Tribute or Memorial Service
    • Private, Informal Goodbye
    • Personalized Services that can be added to any service including Balloon / Butterfly / Dove Releases, Catering Services, Memory Tables, Tribute Videos and more.

    Click here to view a pdf of our brochure with more information about the type of services available with cremation.

    Selecting a Memorial

    There are several options for the resting place of your loved one. We offer urns that are suitable for keeping in your residence, ones designed for placement in the niche of a church or mausoleum, urns crafted to conform to placement in a cemetery, and urns that are designed to facilitate scattering. For those who want to keep the memory of a loved one close forever, we offer miniature urns to memorial jewelry and sculptured artwork. 

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