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Rhonda Brooke Ford

January 2, 1950 ~ March 12, 2019 (age 69)
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Message from Mary Morel Ingram
March 29, 2019 9:38 AM

I am so sorry to hear of Rhonda’s passing. She and I were friends throughout our grade school and early high school years. Our families were very close, and we spent many days and evenings playing with all the Martin kids on that wonderful farm. Rhonda always had a smile and a wonderful laugh. She was full of energy and creativity. I remember the two of us playing in one of the small barns one day, sweeping and cleaning a little room, and setting an old table so we could surprise Phyllis and serve her lunch. We were so proud of ourselves. Rhonda was blessed with straight hair and bangs when The Beatles , and the whole “British Invasion” was happening in 1964. I was so jealous, as my hair was wild and curly! She was a lovely friend and a remarkable sister and daughter. It sounds like she continued to be a generous and loving wife and mother to her family. I am so sorry for your loss. She will be missed, but the gift of memories of her will keep her in all of our hearts. I will remember her with tenderness and joy. Thankyou for letting me share my condolences with you.
Message from Stephanie Martin Proule
March 21, 2019 7:09 AM

Aunt Rhonda,

How I will miss your sweet smile, your joyful laugh, and our long talks in the kitchen over a cup of tea! Growing up your house always felt magical – impeccably maintained, beautifully decorated, and always some sort of treat waiting on the table. As a child a walk down Timberleigh Way to “Aunt Rhonda’s house” was like an adventure where the prize was cookies, chocolate, tea, or maybe a hot cup of soup. On one particularly bad day after I cut my thumb (while working at the farm) and had to get stitches, I was invited to sit in the hot tub on the back porch with you and the other aunts. That summer night, with my makeshift bathing suit and hand in the air covered in a plastic bag so my stitches didn’t get wet, I got to be part of a very exclusive club and I couldn’t have been happier.

Even as an adult, your house was still magical. I made the long walk down Timberleigh as often as I could for a quick hello which, of course, usually turned into a long visit with multiple cups of tea and lots of laughing. What was it about this house that always left me feeling uplifted, refreshed, and loved? I know now that the magic was you – your encouragement, your strength, your joy, your sass, and your ability to always make me (and everyone!) feel welcome and special. You will always be more than an aunt to me; you are my surrogate grandmother, my close friend, my crafting partner, my fashion critic, and one of my biggest supporters. I will always be grateful to you and I love you so much!

Message from B.G. Beall
March 20, 2019 1:41 AM

Melissa and the Martin Family. I did not know Rhonda although my sorrows go out to the Family. I will be praying during this added time of sorrow. May our Lord and Savior bring a peaceful time in your hearts during this time of Healing. Our Lord called one of His Saints home. There will come a day when He reunites His Martin family house and what a day of rejoicing that will be! Jesus doesn't want us to say good-bye to any of His Saints , He wants us to say , "See You Later!" Amen? Amen!
B.G. Beall
"God is Good !"
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Message from Mary Hereth-Mulloy
March 16, 2019 10:58 AM

To all the Martin family, So sorry for the loss of your beautiful sister. She was such a sweet and caring person. And so much wiser than her years. We were all blessed to have her in our lives.
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Message from Barry Martin
March 16, 2019 12:03 AM

My thoughts about my sister Rhonda:
- She was older by 29 months.
- The first girl of my siblings.
- Rhonda always told me what was going on in the family.
- She taught me to say "you're welcome" after someone said "thank you". Rhonda said that the response back was important.
- She could say all eleven of our names very fast. Faster then I could hear to see if she was right or not.
- Rhonda taught me how to drive, especially at night.
- I lived a little while at Arbustus with Rhonda and her husband, Ken, so I didn't have to drive as much to the Air National Guard base.
- I appreciated Ken's sports enthusiasm, his love for history, my sister and his children.
- In 1970, Rhonda and Ken made me an uncle for the first time, when Ken Jr. was born. I was so looking forward to the event.
- They took me to a track meet down in Baltimore which I did good at.
- Rhonda and Ken went to Catonsville Community College and met there. Later on, I had the opportunity to run two track meets at the same place.
- In 1979, as an act of love, Rhonda helped hang wallpaper in our new home.
- She helped around my childhood home with my brothers and sisters. Rhonda even helped my parents with house work and cooking.
- When she made fudge, I felt like she made it just for me.
- She was part of the big hugs our family was known for.
- Rhonda's beauty was more then skin deep and she showed love in action. Her good side was evident every Thanksgiving at Kevin and Patty's house.
- Rhonda really loved being a wife, mother and grandmother, as well as being a dependable sister.
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Message from Mark B Martin
March 15, 2019 2:09 PM

Mark B Martin: I remember Rhonda motivating us younger siblings to help clean up the house to ease the burden on Mom. I’m talking deep cleaning so the house was spotless. Rhonda was a blessing to our parents. She was one of the eldest siblings and was there when all of us were born. She helped mom as a young teenage girl in the 1960's as there were 7 siblings under 10 years old. She would always greet you with a big hug and a kiss and ask about your life. She was a big part my life and a link to Dad and Mom's past history. Ken and Rhonda raised four wonderful children, that is their legacy. God bless the Ford family.
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Deepest Sympathies Terry and Tim Warfield

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My Deepest sympathy to the family. I have so many fond memories of my dear niece. May God bless her and keep her with him and her family. Lovingly, Dave Burton

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Message from Janice Ryan Young
March 15, 2019 7:08 AM

I had many opportunities over the years to interact with Rhonda, after my daughter married into the Martin family. I always enjoyed talking with her, and always admired the closeness of the Martins. I know she will be missed. My sincere condolences to the family.
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Message from Betsy Seibert Ford
March 14, 2019 10:41 PM

So very sorry to hear of Rhonda’s passing . She sure was a fighter and a strong women. She always had a wonderful smile and a positive outlook on life . She will be missed by many .
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Message from Rose Kinser Rumney
March 14, 2019 6:17 PM

Though it’s been many years, I can still see Rhonda’s beautiful smile in my mind. We shared many classes and much laughter and I send heartfelt condolences to her family for their loss. May God give you comfort in your time of grief.